Lettuce get aquainted

Hey y’all ! Since we’re going to be friends, I should let you know my name is Karen. Nice to meet ya ! I’m a 52 (almost 53) year old woman, who tends to cuss, enjoys cheesy jokes, and in the posts if something sucks, I won’t be afraid to let you know. If something is sh*t, I’m not going to call it chocolate mousse ! Friends should be honest with each other.

I called my website “Vegan Snowball” because I want it to be part of a snowball effect. In my own fu*ken awkward way I’m saying that I want to help people realize that going vegan isn’t weird or radical, like I once thought many years ago. I am grateful to the people whose recipes, articles, and books made it easier for me to understand and transition to a Vegan diet. I hope I can pay it forward by helping people make the transition as well while understanding the good they’re doing for themselves, animals, and our planet. So I’ll be providing news and information along with recipes. Oh yeah, most of the recipes won’t be original, because I’m not that creative. I do like to share recipes with my friends though. I’ll also be sharing my health progress. I use to weigh 254 pounds and when I was diagnosed with hypertension, my blood pressure was 160/90 ! Yikes ! Now I weigh 217 pounds and my average blood pressure is 118/78. Going vegan has been very good for me !

Let’s get that snowball rolling !

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