Apparently you can grow rabbits !

So today I was trying to catch up on some work in the backyard, which included pulling some weeds out of large flower pots:

We’d had some descent rain lately so I knew it’d be easy to get the weeds pulled up. So when I went to grab a handful of dead grass and such out of this particular pot:

I thought nothing of it when a clump of grass and weeds came up super easy. What came next shocked the hell out of me ! I forgot all about those rabbit seeds I planted earlier this spring:

The harvest was bountiful !

All joking aside, I was utterly stunned to find these baby rabbits in a flower pot !!!! It never occurred to me that a rabbit would have her babies in a place like that. I can’t tell you how many times I have walked past that pot while taking my elderly dog out to use the bathroom ! There was never a f*cking clue that these adorable little bunnies were just mere inches away, under a thin layer of dead vegetation. I know there was at least 4 but maybe more than that. I could tell they were getting scared so I hurried up and put the dead vegetation back over them. It was such a bizarre thing for me that I had to share it with y’all ! I want to check on them again tomorrow but I’ll probably resist. I’m scared of spooking the mother off. I’ll keep you updated if there’s anything more to tell you about them.

Take care y’all !

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