I’ve heard about JUST eggs for months and months but it wasn’t until last week that I was finally able to find some in Savannah. I was so excited to finally get them after my daughter saw them in the dairy/egg section of a grocery store ! I’ve been wanting so badly to see how closely they mimic actual chicken eggs when they’re cooked. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, JUST Eggs is a vegan egg substitute made from mung bean protein. It promises to be a scrambled egg substitute.

So yesterday I tried it out for the first time and I fuckin’ loved it !!! Wanting to get the true flavor and texture of it, I didn’t add anything like vegan butter to the non-stick skillet to cook it in. It really does start to clump up like eggs do when they’re getting cooked. I thought perhaps that it was a little bit more like one solid clump but that may have been my fault. I never have been the best at cooking eggs ! When eating them, I thought the texture and taste was very much like eggs. For the scrambled egg picture, I did chop them up a little bit to give more of an authentic scrambled egg look. Like scrambled eggs, they were good on their own but even better with some seasoning. I used salt, pepper and some green onions. The picture I show of the scrambled eggs is of a two-serving size. Each serving (before being cooked) is three tablespoons and contains 5 grams of protein. My daughter and I have some non-vegan Asian-style recipes which we have not made in quite a while that call for cooked egg strips, so we tried cooking the JUST Eggs without scrambling them. When cooking them that way, they started to bubble up kind of like how pancake batter does when it’s getting cooked. They turned out great that way as well ! This means that we will finally be able to fix those non-vegan recipes again. I’m looking forward to seeing how they taste mixed in with other ingredients. At this point I’m very optimistic at how well those recipes will turn out in vegan form thanks to JUST Eggs !

Here are pictures of the scrambled eggs cooking and the final product:

Here are pictures of the egg strips cooking and the final product:

Take care y’all !

I wasn’t paid in any form to promote JUST Eggs.

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