Saying Goodbye to Tequila

I’m sorry for not posting any recipes for what seems like way too long. One of my cats, Tequila, developed a bad cough and was not responding to the different medications she was given. Finally on Saturday, June 29, we had x-rays taken of her chest and it was bad news. Most of her lungs were destroyed and she had fluid around her heart as well. When the vet, whom I adore and respect, said there wasn’t any hope for a recovery, I set up an appointment to have her euthanized on July 3rd. With her being only 2 years old, I raged about the injustice of someone, so young, sweet and innocent dying. Financially, we pretty much live from one month to the next but if my daughter and I could have had a dollar for every tear we shed over her we could be millionaires right now. During the last day we had left with her, we tried to enjoy every moment as much as possible. Her spirit was strong but the flesh was weak. She still purred, showed interest in playing and cuddling with us but her appetite was rapidly disappearing. When we brought her to the vet on Wednesday morning, she was weighed and we found out that she had lost 1 pound in just the past 4 days. That was one-tenth of her total weight. I had, up to that point, struggled with the act of putting her to sleep while her spirit was still so strong. Upon hearing the weight loss, I knew that it was absolutely the right thing to do. I absolutely wanted every moment I could with her, but not at the cost of her suffering. Sometimes the right thing to do is the hardest thing to do and saying goodbye to her was one of those moments.

I read a poem once that was about death and saying good-bye, and I wish that I could remember the title of it. What I do remember are the lines “I would rather have you forget me and be happy, than to remember me and be sad.” I think tequila would want the same thing. I’m never going to forget her, she will always be in my heart and so I’m trying to focus on the moments with her that make me smile. I still have her 2 brothers and others who still bring me joy as well.

I am sorry that I went so long without posting anything but it was hard to focus on hardly anything else during that difficult time. I’m getting back on track now so you’ll be seeing a lot more recipes again.

We wanted to post a few different photos along with these but since Tequila looked almost identical to her brothers, we’re only posting the ones we are absolutely certain are of her.

Take care y’all !

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