Blueberries and Kitty Cats

So excited about the blueberries ! About 5 years ago, I planted some blueberry bushes in my backyard. I don’t use any kind of pesticide or herbicide in my backyard so these are 100% organic ! Of course I never get all of the blueberries because the birds take their share but that’s okay because their antics bring me pleasure. It’s really nice to just go outside and grab as many as I feel like eating ! As productive as these plants are, I should probably be able to have about 1/2 cup every day for about the next couple of weeks. It just depends on how much the birds want to eat from one day to the next ! The bush that I got these from is now about 6 feet tall. While I was outside getting the pictures, two stray cats that I take care of came by to visit. The tabby striped cat is Dr. Pepper and the black female cat is Besa. There are a few more stray cats I take care of but they weren’t around at that time. I get the cats spayed or neutered, feed and water them on a daily basis, and get them medical help when they need it. As you can tell, Dr. Pepper was in an especially affectionate mood this morning ! He was determined to get his share of loving and did not want to sit still for a picture ! Besa loves getting attention too but she doesn’t slut it up like Dr. Pepper does ! I’ve been taking care of these two for the last 2 1/2 years. Where she goes, he goes. I’ll tell you more about the cats in my life in another post. It’s been a long and hot day and I can feel the tiredness getting the best of me so I’m going to wrap this up and hope that you all have had a good day and tomorrow will be even better for you !

Take care y’all !